Koichi Tanaka Mass Spectrometry Research Laboratory

The Koichi Tanaka Mass Spectrometry Research Laboratory is primarily involved in basic research and development of mass spectrometers for the purpose of creating new potential uses for mass spectrometry and expanding the scope of application fields. Through this laboratory, we hope to build a new network of researchers outside the Shimadzu Group, where information can be mutually exchanged to organically connect a broad range of academic institutions, public research laboratories, corporate research centers, and so on.


  1. Research and develop technologies related to mass spectrometry (especially MALDI-TOFMS).
  2. Develop application and analytical technologies.
  3. Participate in technical collaborations and joint research related to mass spectrometry with organizations within and outside the Shimadzu Group.
  4. Serve as an information liaison for receiving and conveying information between relevant departments within and outside the Shimadzu Group.
  5. Promote the advancement and broad adoption of mass spectrometry and other science and technology.


* Due to the difficulty of coordinating the large number of requests received from many sources for lectures and other engagements by Koichi Tanaka, his schedule as a researcher and engineer permits accepting only about ten or fewer invitations per year, mostly for academic conferences related to mass spectrometry.
Thank you for your understanding regarding the given circumstances. Nevertheless, if you would like to request a lecture or other engagement, please send the request here.