Cancer Photoimmunotherapy Research

Cancer photoimmunotherapy is a new treatment technique that involves selectively binding the antibody portion
of a therapeutic drug to proteins uniquely present on the surface of cancer cells and then killing only the cancer cells
by irradiating the area with near-infrared light, so that the photosensitive portion of the therapeutic drug reacts to the light.
Given that the treatment method also helps the immune system attack cancer cells by stimulating immune cells,
practical applications are anticipated. During basic research, an NIR-PIT near-infrared camera was used
to create a system for evaluating the therapeutic effects in real time.

Mechanism of Cancer Photoimmunotherapy

  1. (1)A therapeutic drug conjugate, with antibodies bound to a photosensitive
    chemical substance (IR700), is administered.

  2. (2)The therapeutic drug accumulates only at proteins uniquely
    present on the surface of cancer cells.

  3. (3)Near-infrared light irradiation activates the chemical substance,
    which destroys the cancer cells.

  4. (4)Excitation light from the chemical substance attenuates.

    • ・Near-Infrared Fluorescence Imaging System for
      Visualizing Progression of Chemical Reaction to Near-Infrared Light

      This system creates an image of the chemical reaction to the near-infrared light applied during treatment, and evaluates and records the therapeutic effects.

    • ・Mass Spectrometer for Confirming Therapeutic Effects Based on Urine and Blood Analysis

      We are searching for a metabolomic method of evaluating therapeutic effects.

Note: These measures are still currently in research and development.

Collaborative Research Partner

U.S. National Cancer Institute,National Institutes of Health
Dr. Hisataka Kobayashi

“Trying to be effective without damaging the body is the concept of NIR-PIT.It can selectively kill cancer cells without damaging or killing many normal cells. Also, this therapy can decrease the number of cancer cells and then increase and activate the host immunity to better fight the cancer. SHIMADZU has the strength in chemistry and we have the strength in biology. That is the reason why we have a very good collaboration in this research.”