Simultaneous Analysis of Anions and Cations Using Ion Chromatograph Dual Channel System


User Benefits

・ Simultaneous analysis of anions and cations in a single sample can be done. ・ Traceability can be ensured by managing anion and cation analytical results in one data file. ・ Excellent repeatability and low contamination were provided by loop injection method.


When a single ion chromatograph is used to analyze both anions and cations, it is necessary to change the analytical conditions. The flow path cleaning and the column replacement required in every mobile phase switching are tedious and time consuming whereas those are not apparently shown in the analytical results. The ion chromatograph dual channel system enables simultaneous analysis of anions and cations. For anions, suppressor and non-suppressor methods can be selected, and UV-VIS detector can be used for the suppressor method. This article introduces applications obtained by a combination of anion analysis with an electrodialysis-type suppressor system HIC-ESP and cation analysis with a non-suppressor system.

March 1, 2022 GMT