Water is an irreplaceable resource not only for humans, but also for all animals and plants on earth. Water pollution is recognized as a major environmental problem. Water pollution has various effects on the global environment, such as causing health damage and changing ecosystems. To prevent water pollution, it is necessary to monitor pollution sources. Also, drinking water must be tested for contaminants. We provides analyzers and solutions for these water pollutants.

Drinking Water

Drinking water


Drinking water is an integral part of human life, and the safety of drinking water must be rigorously checked. Introducing the analysis methods stipulated in the standards for tap water and drinking water (EPA, etc.) and analysis examples of various substances contained in drinking water.

Environmental water

Environmental ο½—ater


Environmental water generally refers to water and groundwater in public water areas such as rivers, lakes and oceans. Regular monitoring of environmental water is important to maintain desirable environmental conditions to protect human health and preserve the living environment.