The goal of "Biosimilar for Billions"

Importance of cell culture conditions in the development of therapeutic monoclonal antibody biosimilars and cell culture profiling

The goal of "Biosimilar for Billions"

Intas Pharmaceuticals Ltd.




    biosimilars, therapeutic monoclonal antibodies


    LCMS-8060, LC/MS/MS Method Package for Cell Culture Profiling Ver. 3

We interviewed Dr. Shivam from Intas in India, a leading biosimilar product manufacturers in Asia having its own biopharmaceutical operations with a R&D facility and an EU-GMP certified bio-pharmaceutical manufacturing facility. Shimadzu have been supporting the research and development activities undergoing at Intas.

Dr. Shivam from Intas in India


Dr. Shivam Mukherjee

Dr. Shivam Mukherjee

R&D Analytical Development Laboratory, Intas Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

*Affiliates and titles of the interviewee are current as of the time of reporting.

Intas Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

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Could you brief about your organization, type of research carried out, product line etc?

At Intas Biopharma unit, we focus on developing recombinant DNA and plasma derived products. We are focused on developing biosimilars of therapeutic monoclonal antibodies with the goal of "Biosimilar for Billions".

Could you outline the research activities carried out in your department?

The R&D department at Intas Biopharma unit consists of several functions starting from developing clones to, screening of media followed by process design and optimization of product. At all stages the process teams are supported by a strong analytical team which focusses on characterization of the developing molecule using a variety of analytical techniques.

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