Shimadzu GC Driver Ver. 3 for Waters Empower

Shimadzu GC Driver Ver. 3 for Waters Empower

Nexis GC-2030 and HS-10 Can Now Be Controlled from Waters Empower

Seamlessly Controls Shimadzu GC Units 

Control Panel

Control Panel

The Shimadzu GC control panel displayed in the Empower sample analysis window features various functions. Examples include a function to directly control a Shimadzu GC, including turning it ON/OFF; a monitoring function to visually check the system's operating status at a glance; and a system check function to check how consumables are used. It assists with monitoring of the instrument's operating status during analysis and daily inspections of the instrument. Furthermore, the windows used to edit instrument methods are configured for each instrument. Even first-time Shimadzu GC users can specify instrument parameters easily, and seamlessly control operations, including report output and audit trail, via Empower.

Able to Use Advanced Functions of the Shimadzu Nexis GC-2030 

Window for Editing GC Methods

Examples include:

  • Detectors with world-leading sensitivity levels
  • PREP RUN and sleep functions to reduce energy consumption during standby
  • High separation capability and productivity using advanced flow technology
  • Shorter analytical cycles utilizing the autoinjector's overlapping function

Allows Liquid Analysis and Headspace Analysis on a Single GC 

Instrument method set to switch the HS-20 and AOC units in a smart manner

Both an autoinjector and headspace sampler can be installed on a single GC, and these units can be switched quickly by simply setting parameters in an instrument method. This eliminates complicated resetting of the system configuration and operations when changing units. If the Sample Set Method is used, analysis can be performed continuously while switching the autoinjector and headspace sampler for each sample set. Using this feature allows both liquid analysis and headspace analysis to be performed overnight.


Controllable Hardware

GC unit : Nexis GC-2030, GC-2010, GC-2010 Plus, GC-2014
Options: AOC-20i (Plus) autoinjector, AOC-20s autosampler, HS-20 headspace sampler, HS-10 headspace sampler

[Nexis GC-2030]
Unit Description
Sample Injector SPL-2030, WBI-2030, OCI-2030, PTV-2030
Detector FID-2030, TCD-2030, ECD-2010 Exceed, FPD-2030, FTD-2030, BID-2030
Advanced Flow Technology Backflush, detector splitting, detector switching, heart-cut system
Additional Temperature Controller AUX temperature control unit
Additional Flow Controller APC (3 auxiliary channels), APC (1 auxiliary channel)
Options Low-temperature control solenoid valve set: CRG-2030
External equipment control relay PRG-2010 Plus, PRG BOX
[GC-2010 (Plus), GC-2014]
Unit Description
Sample Injector GC-2010(Plus) : SPL-2010(Plus),WBI-2010(Plus),OCI / PTV-2010
GC-2014      : SPL-2014,WBI-2014,DINJ-2014,SINJ-2014
Detector GC-2010(Plus) : FID-2010(Plus),TCD-2010(Plus),ECD-2010 Exceed,ECD-2010(Plus),
          FPD-2010(Plus),FTD-2010(Plus),BID-2010 Plus
GC-2014     : FID-2014,TCD-2014,ECD-2014,FPD-2014,FTD-2014(C)
Additional Temperature Controller AUX temperature control unit
Additional Flow Controller APC (3 auxiliary channels), AMC (2 auxiliary channels) Note: AMC is an option for the GC-2014.
Options Low-temperature control solenoid valve set: CRG-2010
External unit control relay: PRG-2010 (Plus), PRG BOX
Dual-injection systems are not supported.
Up to four Shimadzu GC units can be controlled on one data acquisition server (e.g. LAC/E32).
Both the Shimadzu LC driver and Shimadzu GC driver for Empower can be installed on one computer or data acquisition server.
A Shimadzu GC system and Agilent GC system cannot be connected to the same data acquisition server (e.g. LAC/E32) at the same time. Provide a data acquisition server dedicated for the Shimadzu GC sysem.

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Introduction to Function with the Videos

1. AOC HSS Switching

Switching Analysis Methods with a Single Nexis Instrument

2. Control Panel

Achieving Your Goals with Simple Operations

3. HSSAnalysis

Stress-Free Headspace Analysis

4. Shutdown

Daily operation with the shutdown method


Managing Instrument and Consumables Status with System Checks


For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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