Analysis of Multilayer Films Using a Microscopic Sample Analysis System Configured with an Infrared Microscope (FTIR)

Multilayer films are frequently used as packaging materials for foods and pharmaceuticals. The most common method for qualifying the components of such film layers is the transmission method, in which a cross-sectional slice of the film is measured using an infrared microscope. To obtain a spectrum of a layer, the film thickness needs to be approximately 10 μm or more.

In this example, multilayer film samples sliced with a microtome were measured on a diamond cell using the transmission method. To avoid interference between adjacent layers with different components, the size of the measured region was set at 10 μm x 10 μm. The infrared spectra clearly showed the measurement results for each region, with extremely low noise levels.

Example of Measurements in Microscopic Area (Multilayer Films)

Infrared Spectra for Each Layer

Microscopic Sample Analysis System

The microscopic sample analysis system is optimal for measuring microscopic samples on the order of 10 μm to 100 μm.
If a diamond cell is used, favorable infrared spectra can be obtained using the transmission method with simple pretreatment.

Excellent Sensitivity

The point of interest can be measured quickly and with high sensitivity, even when the measurement area is confined to 10 μm x 10 μm.

Excellent Operability

The aperture and XY stage are automatically controlled. Autofocus and auto-centering functions are also provided as standard for smooth operation.
A convenient memory function stores up to 10 measurement positions.

System Details