Blood Carbon Monoxide Analysis System

In fields such as forensic medicine and emergency care, analysis of the components in blood is frequently performed to assess the cause of death or symptoms, and to evaluate criminality. Carbon monoxide (CO) is known to be a toxic gas. It is generated by the incomplete combustion of petroleum fuels, gases and other organic compounds. CO is the most common gas in cases of accidental poisonings. Measuring the CO in blood helps to determine poisoning.
The Shimadzu Blood Carbon Monoxide Analysis System, which is equipped with a barrier discharge ionization detector (BID), can detect CO at a higher level of sensitivity than methods utilizing conventional thermal conductivity detectors (TCD). This reduces the blood sample volume used for an analysis, and results in more accurate measurements.
Additionally, the volume of hemoglobin in the blood must be determined to calculate the CO hemoglobin saturation, which is utilized to determine CO poisoning. A spectrophotometer is utilized for this determination. The Shimadzu UV-Vis-NIR spectrophotometer  improves laboratory efficiency with a user-friendly interface that can be understood at a glance, while its high level of performance satisfies a variety of needs.

Gas Chromatography

UV-Vis-NIR Spectroscopy


Example of the Analysis of Blood CO

This is an example of the use of a gas chromatograph to analyze CO released in the gas phase from blood through pretreatment. From the results of the analysis of blood CO in a smoker and non-smoker, it is evident that there is a prominent difference in the concentrations of CO.


Comparison of Blood CO Concentrations between a Smoker and a Non-Smoker


During application development, we received the cooperation of Takeshi Ohmori and Yasuo Seto of the National Research Institute of Police Science.
Note: The products noted in this document have not been certified as medical equipment based on the Japanese Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Act.
They cannot be used for therapeutic or diagnostic objectives or related procedures.

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Example Configuration

This is an example of the configuration of a blood CO analysis system using a gas chromatograph.
Note: A spectrophotometer is not included.

Shimadzu Nexis GC-2030 Gas Chromatograph
BID-2030 Detector
LabSolutions LCGC
SH-Rt-Msieve 5A Column
MS-GAN025 Gas Tight Syringe
Syringe Compatible Needles (with side holes, 5 pc.)
GC-2030 Consumables Kit