Open-Hole Tensile Strength Test of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastics (Reference Standards: JIS K 7094:2012 / ASTM D 5766:2010)

Recently, alternative lightweight materials instead of conventional metal materials have been used in structures that require mechanical reliability.
This is because these alternative materials make the products lighter and reduce transportation weight which, in turn, reduces carbon dioxide emissions during transportation. Complex fiber reinforced materials using carbon fibers such as carbon fiber reinforced plastics (CFRPs) are extremely strong and light.
For these reasons, they are now widely used to manufacture aircraft parts. It is expected that they will be used more in all types of products, including automobiles, in order to make the products lighter.

This experiment introduces a case of testing open-hole tensile strength of CFRPs.

Measurements and Jigs

CFRPs show a high tensile strength and generate a strong fracture impact. During testing, it is recommended to use a testing machine and jigs having sufficient capacity for the maximum test force of the sample.
In this test, measurement was performed on the following sample.
Dimensions: L (mm) x W (mm) x T (mm) = 150 x 36 x 2.5, Pore diameter: 6 mm, stacking method [45/0/-45/90]2s.

Measurement Results

Fig.1: Open-Hole Tensile Strength Test

Fig. 2: Relationship Between Stress and Displacement

[ Table 1 Test Conditions ]

 Item   Setting Value 
 Test Speed   1.5mm/min 
 Grip spac   70mm 

[ Table 12 Test Results (Mean Value) ]

 Sample Name    Open-Hole Tensile Strength
CFRP open-hole test sample  812.8Mpa

Fig. 3: Fractured Sample

Open-Hole Tensile Strength Testing System for Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastics
 Testing machine AG-Xplus 
 Load cell 100kN 
 Test jig 100 kN non-shift wedge-type grips,
Trapezoidal file teeth for complex materials 
Software  TRAPEZIUM X (Single) 

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AGS-X Series

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