Analysis of Ceramic (Zirconia Refractory Brick) (ICP)

Metal oxide samples, such as ceramics, can be difficult to decompose with acid in an open system.
In this example, the zirconia refractory brick was decomposed using a closed pressure vessel made of a fluoropolymer and analyzed using an ICP emission spectrometer.

Quantitative Analysis Results of Zirconia Refractory Brick (% concentration in solid)

Quantitative Analysis Results of Zirconia Refractory Brick(% concentration in solid)

ICP Optical Emission Spectrometer

ICP Optical Emission Spectrometer

The ICP-7510 boasts high speed and high resolution, and features twin sequential monochromators that enhance the speed to yield semi-quantitative values in approximately three minutes for the qualitative analysis of 72 elements. The analysis of metals, rare earths, and soils requires high wavelength resolution.
The ICP-7510 achieves unparalleled 0.0045 nm (4960/mm) ultra-high resolution. Batch analysis from ppb to percent levels offers easy analysis from principal components to trace elements.