Simultaneous Analysis of Cell Culture

Industrial fermentation for the production of biofuels or biopharmaceutics requires routine monitoring of medium conditions such as pH, dissolved gas, carbon source (glucose) and nitrogen source (glutamine) for optimization and control of the fermentation process. However, culture media also consist of various other biologically important compounds, such as vitamins, nucleic acids and other primary metabolites. Monitoring them together would lead to more detailed understanding of the bioprocess

Triple Quadrupole LC/MS/MS is Ideal for Process Control, Optimized Methods for the Analysis of a Culture Medium

These methods target culture medium components and metabolites secreted by cells. This culture medium analysis platform enables the simultaneous analysis of up to 95 components, the highest number of target analysis components that can be analyzed by such a platform.

By providing conditions for efficient and simultaneous multi-component analysis, this system enables simultaneous analysis in 17 minutes.