Multi-omics Analysis Package

LC/MS, GC/MS Data Analysis Software

The Process Flow of Multi-omics Analysis Package

Multi-omics Analysis Package includes various data processing gadgets which connect with corresponding data analysis gadgets, providing a seamless, connected experience of a single software program. Furthermore it is designed to work in combination with various Shimadzu database, which ensures the entire process flow, from obtaining mass spectrometer measurements to data analysis, can be performed smoothly.

Tools for Data Analysis

The Multi-omics Analysis Package is based on software tools (called gadgets) that have been released on the GARUDA platform - an open research platform, developed by the GARUDA Alliance led by The Systems Biology Institute, Japan (SBI).

Data Analysis Tools Used in the Multi-omics Analysis Package

Volcano Plot
A tool that combines a t-test (statistically significant difference) and a fold-change (Example: Difference in mean value such as 2 times or 1/2) to visualize the differences between the two groups. The Volcano Plot gadget developed by Shimadzu is included in the package.

Tool maintained at University of Konstanz, Germany, for visualization and analysis of networks across different data sets. (GARUDA support was developed at Monash University)

Data analysis tool developed by the European Molecular Biology Laboratory that can be used for visualization of diverse metabolic pathways or data mapping and customization.

Bioinformatics tool developed by the Cytoscape Consortium, used to visualize metabolic pathways, to integrate gene expression profiles with related data, and so on. It is especially useful for analyzing networks and visualizing correlations.



For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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