Automated Pick and Collection Tool of Cell Colonies

CELL PICKER Only Desktop Clean Bench

CELL PICKER Only Desktop Clean Bench

Special clean bench that can be loaded on a laboratory desk.

  • Ideal size for CELL PICKER.
  • Utilize CELL PICKER easily due to adoption of a slide table.
  • Fun Filter Unit maintains cleanliness when opening the front shutter.


Outside Diameter: W740 mm x D650 mm x H890 mm
Inside: W690 mm x D520 mm x H605 mm
Air flow system Vertical air flow system
Room cleanliness ISO Class 4
Elements of dust-collecting Pre-filter + HEPA filter
Air flow 6.4 m3 / min ± 20 %
Power Supply 65 W
Weight Approximately 75 Kg
Note Slide table, Internal plug x 4

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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