CELL PICKER - Features

Automated Pick and Collection Tool of Cell Colonies

Software Supports Efficient Procedures


CELL PICKER is operated using special software.
Observation of cells, image recording, and the cell pickup operation are performed from a single window.


Anyone Can Perform the Pickup Process with Confidence


Do you have problems with the troublesome and unstable procedures lurking in the pickup process?
CELL PICKER automates the cell collection, seeding, and pipette tip replacement. This stabilizes the operations of picking up and removing cell colonies, processes that typically rely on an operator's skill. Special software allows the process to proceed with ease.

Special Software


CELL PICKER operates by pre-configuring operational conditions by method.
A method is configured for each cell type and user, so the pickup process can be implemented in the same way regardless of who is doing it.

Method Settings


Method Selection


Cellular Observation and CELL PICKER Operation

Observation of cells, image recording, and operation of CELL PICKER are performed from the main window.



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