Shimadzu Mass Spectrometry Solutions for Environmental Preservation

Pursuing our commitment to realizing our core management principle: "For the Well-being of both Mankind and the Earth." and with a strong concern for improving and protecting the environment, Shimadzu has been providing mass spectrometry solutions for environmental preservation. 

PCBs and Organochlorinated Pesticides in River Water

The GCMS-TQ8040 and TQ8050 are GC-MS/MS systems equipped with Scan/MRM mode to allow simultaneous Scan and MRM data measurements. The target PCBs and pesticides were quantitatively determined using the MRM data, and concentrations of untargeted organic pollutants were estimated by applying the scan data to "Smart Environmental Database".

Simultaneous Scan/MRM analysis of PCBs and organochlorinated pesticides in river water using GC-MS/MS

PFOA/PFOS Analysis in Environmental Water

Shimadzu Application for PFOA/PFOS Analysis in Environmental

Simultaneoues analysis of PFOA and PFOS in environmental water, in addition to the related compounds, can be performed by LC-MS/MS. The Shimadzu Ultra Fast LC-MS/MS series enables rapid analysis of 9 PFCs including PFOA and PFOS within 15 minutes.

Example of Chromatogram of PFCs

Impurity Delay Method

For highly sensitive detection of PFOS/PFOA, it is necessary to remove background contamination that exists in the mobile phase or instrument components. Shimadzu has developed an application illustrating a method for reducing background noise in order to increase sensitivity of target PFOA/PFOS. In this method, a delay column was installed between a mixer and an autosampler to separate the impurity PFOA from the target PFOA in the sample.

The impurity delay method is applied for the Phase VII of UNU-IAS - Shimadzu Partnership Project.