Weight measurement is the basis of all measurements. Shimadzu's state-of-the-art technology has supported accurate measurement from its very foundations.

Built-in Calibration Weights

Sensitivity calibration is indispensable for precision balances. Functions such as PSC (Perfect Self Calibration) and timer CAL free the user from trouble when calibrating sensitivity.

Measurement Technology

Shimadzu proprietary features achieve more speedy and more accurate measurement.

GLP/GMP/ISO9000 Compatibility

A built-in clock function and an ISO print function support building of systems for compliance with GLP/GMP/ISO9000.

Windows®Direct Function

No need to install special software. Provide just one cable. This Shimadzu-exclusive function allows measurement data to be imported to Excel and other Windows®applications. (patented)
* To use USB ports, a separate conversion kit is required and a driver must be installed.

Other Functions for Ensuring More Convenient Use

Shimadzu balances have been designed with on-site measurement in mind in response to users' requests for convenient on-hand functions.


■ Cares for the reliability of measurement results the most.
■ Provides GLP/GMP/ISO9000-compatible data.
■ Is the first to be recognized as a "mass calibration authorized business" in Japan.
■ Has acquired ISO14001 (environmental ISO) accreditation.
■ Has acquired OIML class I (*1) and class II (*2) compliance and EC type approval class I (*1) and class II (*2).
*1 AUW/AUX/AUY series for the EU
*2 UW/UX series for the EU

And, recently, we have also acquired MRA-JCSS international standard accreditation.