Shimadzu proprietary features achieve more speedy and more accurate measurement.

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Shimadzu has developed a completely innovative weight sensor by further modifying its OPF aluminum block weight sensor that it put onto the market ahead of other manufacturers around the world.
This sensor is created by high-precision electric discharge wire processing applied to a block of aluminum alloy to replace the conventional sensor block assembly. This dramatically improves response, temperature characteristics and impact resistance.

Full-Digital Control System

Full-Digital Control System

The microcomputer reacts to load or installation site vibrations and other ambient environmental conditions, and digitally controls the current flowing to the feedback coil, or the heart of the sensor. This ensures that the optimum measurement mode can be quickly determined, thus achieving outstanding stability and response.

CPPM System(Constant Power Pulse Width Modulation)

CPPM System

This system makes sure that internally generated heat is kept constant at all times regardless of the measured load to ensure outstanding stability.