NOA-7100 - Features

Transportable NOx-O2 Gas Analyzer

All-in-One Measurement


The portable all-in-one NOx-O2 analyzer can be used for various purposes a variety of uses in various locations.

Designed for Easy Operations

Offering the same accuracy, reliability, and ease of maintenance of the proven previous model, the NOA-7000 also provide support for USB flash drives, and wired and wireless data transmission. It maintains an abundance of features such as NOx conversion operation, mobile average output, and response speed switching, plus easy, more convenient operation.

Perfect for On-Site Measurements

Perfect for On-Site Measurements

All-in-One & Transportable

All pretreatment parts required for measurement, such as the pump, filter, and electric cooler, are built-in. Gas concentration can be measured by simply introducing sample gas to the sample gas inlet port.

Designed for Easy Maintenance

Consumables such as filters and the absorber are located at the front of the instrument to facilitate replacement.

Smooth Operability

Smooth Operability

Front Controls

The NOA-7000 adopts easy-to-use screen configurations and key operations from preceding models. The monitor can display measurement values and trend data for up to three constituents. Gas switching, flow rate adjustment, and gas connection are controlled on the front of the instrument to facilitate operation.

Output Data to USB Flash Drives

Outputting Data to USB Flash Drives Measurement data is stored in the built-in memory of the analyzer. Data can be retrieved in CSV file format using USB flash drives. This facilitates data processing on computer. (Measurement data can be retrieved via Wi-Fi connection or LAN cable connection.)

Data Confirmation On Easy-to-Understand Screen

Wireless Data Communication

Wi-Fi wireless data transmission is now available. It is now possible to monitor measurement values and acquire data using a smart device or computer equipped with Wi-Fi. This eliminates the need to bring a recorder to the measurement site or to make wired connections, and enables analysis while taking measurements.

Data Monitoring From a Remote Location

LAN Cable Connection

LAN connection enables users to check measurement values and variations in concentration. It is possible to access measurement data via the intranet even when not in the office or laboratory.

LAN Cable Connection

Supporting NO and NO2 Measurement

The CGT-7100 can measure a wide range of gas concentrations, from ppm-level concentrations in combustion gases to percent-level concentrations in process gas, fuel cells, and research applications.

Principle of Chemiluminescence

If NO (nitrogen monoxide) gas and O3 (ozone) gas come in contact with each other, NO is oxidized, producing NO2 (nitrogen dioxide) gas. As shown in the figure on the right, the NO2 concentration is measured by detecting light emitted from NO2 gas by a sensor. The chemiluminescence method has been adopted for a large number of NOx analyzers because it offers excellent linearity and sensitivity with less interference.

Offers NOx measurements for applications ranging from exhaust gas measurement of combustion equipment to combustion and denitrification research.

The NOA-7100 supports eight ranges of NOx measurements, from 25 ppm to 4000 ppm.

Both 100 ml/min small flow measurement and NO/NO2 measurement are available.

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