Peakintelligence™ for GCMS - Specs

Peak Processing Optional Software for LabSolutions Insight™

License Types and Expiration Dates

License Type Base License Annual License
Peakintelligence for GCMS can be used with this license. This provides product updates.
Starter pack Perpetual 3 years
1-year license 1 year
Starter pack
(Server version)
Perpetual 3 years
1-year license
(Server version)
1 year


• In the first year, be sure to purchase the starter pack.
• From the 4th year, purchase a 1-year license annually.
• Server licenses for LabSolutions Insight CS are also available.

Operating Environment

OS Microsoft® Windows® 10 Professional 64-bit
Software LabSolutions Insight DB GCMS Ver. 3.9 or later
LabSolutions Insight CS Ver. 3.9 SP1 or later

Peakintelligence for GCMS operates in LabSolutions Insight processing mode.
LabSolutions DB GCMS (Ver. 6.116 or later) or LabSolutions CS (Ver. 6.115 or later)  is required for operation.


  • This product was evaluated using GC/MS/MS data analyzed with Smart Metabolites Database™ Ver. 2, a database supporting metabolite measurements.
  • Due to the characteristics of the techniques used, it might not be possible to provide an explanation of the integration results.
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