Peakintelligence™ for GCMS - Specs

Peak Processing Optional Software for LabSolutions Insight™

License Types and Expiration Dates

License Type Base License Annual License
Peakintelligence for GCMS can be used with this license. This provides product updates.
Starter pack Perpetual 3 years
1-year license 1 year


• In the first year, be sure to purchase the starter pack.
• From the 4th year, purchase a 1-year license annually.

Operating Environment

OS Microsoft® Windows® 10 Professional 64-bit
Software LabSolutions Insight DB GCMS Ver. 4.0 SP4 or later

• LabSolutions DB GCMS (Ver. 6.116 SP1 or later) is required for operation.
• Peakintelligence for GCMS operates in LabSolutions Insight processing mode.


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