Smart Aroma Database™ - Features

Database for GC-MS and GC-MS/MS

Automatically Detects Aroma Compounds from Scan Measurements with High Accuracy

Smart Aroma Database including more than 500 aroma compounds supports the aroma analysis of a wide range of samples. With Smart Aroma Database, even aroma compounds that are hard to analyze with conventional methods can be detected easily and reliably using the information on characteristic ions, retention times, and mass spectra.

Automatically Detects Aroma Compounds from Scan Measurements with High Accuracy

A   Retention Time:    Peaks are found from the corrected retention time.
B   Mass Chromatogram:  
Peaks are identified from the registered characteristic ions and ion ratios.
C   Mass Spectrum:  Spectra are evaluated for degree of similarity to the mass spectra of standard samples registered in the database.


Automatic Adjustment of Compound Retention Time (AART)

The AART function easily adjusts acquisition and processing method parameters simultaneously.



Easily Narrows down the Compounds that Contribute to the Aroma

Sensory information is registered for each registered compound. In addition, a sensitivity coefficient for each compound is registered in the database, so semi-quantitative values can be calculated for the detected compounds by measuring a sensitivity correcting substance. Using this information, the compounds that contribute to the aroma can be analyzed from the detected compounds.

  • measurement flow
  • Easily Narrows down the Compounds that Contribute to the Aroma

Enables High-Sensitivity Target Analysis Using MRM and SIM

Using Smart Aroma Database, measurement methods and data analysis methods for MRM mode and SIM mode can be created automatically. The sensitivity in a scan analysis may be insufficient for compounds that contribute to the aroma even in trace quantities. However, a high-sensitivity target analysis is possible using MRM mode and SIM mode. MRM mode, in particular, enables a high-accuracy analysis in which the effects of impurities in the samples are eliminated.


  • 3-Methyl-2(5H)-furanone
    Smart Aroma Database
  • Furaneol
    Smart Aroma Database





Extensive support for creating MRM methods

Smart MRM makes method development quick and easy. Whether starting from scratch to optimize transitions and collision energies for new compounds, or starting from an MRM database of known target analytes to build a custom MRM method.


Supports a Variety of Systems

A variety of sampling methods are used for aroma analysis depending on the sample morphology and the compound concentrations. Smart Aroma Database supports a variety of samplers used in aroma analysis. In addition, it can be used in combination with a sniffer GC-MS, so the aromas of the compounds actually detected can be checked.

Smart Aroma Database

GC/MS Off-Flavor Analyzer

Smart Aroma Database can be used with GC/MS Off-Flavor Analyzer. It is possible to analyze a wide range of odors, from identifying substances that cause offensive odors to search for aroma components.


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