GC Driver for OpenLAB CDS - Features

Shimadzu GC Driver

Seamlessly Controls Shimadzu GC Units

The instrument status window includes a control panel able to directly control Shimadzu GC units. The control panel allows the GC system to be turned ON/OFF or connected/disconnected with a single button operation. The control panel also includes other features to help ensure Shimadzu GC units can be controlled conveniently, such as an instrument monitor where the system operating status can be confirmed with a single glance and a system check function that assists with routine instrument inspection. Windows used to edit instrument methods are configured for each instrument, so that even first-time Shimadzu GC users can specify GC instrument parameters easily. Shimadzu GC and headspace sampler operations can be controlled seamlessly from OpenLAB, including report output and audit trail functionality.

Control Panel

Control Panel

Compatibility with Nexis GC-2030

The following are examples of the advanced Nexis GC-2030 functionality that can be used from OpenLAB.

  • Detectors with the world's highest level of sensitivity
  • High separation capability and productivity using Advanced Flow Technology
  • Gas saver and sleep functions for reducing energy consumption during standby
  • Graphical touch panel that allows intuitive operation


Window for Editing GC Methods

Window for Editing GC Methods

Maximize Productivity with Optimum Sample Injection

In addition to standard liquid analysis using an AOC-20i autoinjector, the following types of analysis are also supported.

  • Simultaneous analysis of two lines using a dual injection system
  • Successive switching between liquid and headspace analysis by installing both AOC-20i and HS-20 units

This optimal sample injection system helps maximize analytical productivity.

Using Instrument Methods for Smart Switching Between HS-20 and AOC Units

Using Instrument Methods for Smart Switching
Between HS-20 and AOC Units


Nexis™ SCD-2030 can now be controlled from Agilent OpenLAB

Nexis SCD-2030

It is possible to use features built into the Nexis SCD-2030 from OpenLAB CDS, enabling benefits such as:

  • Reliable analysis thanks to excellent stability and high equimolar response
  • Higher productivity due to various automated features and superb ease-of-maintenance
  • World-leading sensitivity in analysis

Full use of Nexis SCD-2030 features

SCD-2030 status viewed from the SCD control screen

SCD-2030 status viewed from the SCD control screen

Compared to other general GC detectors, SCD detectors have many units that need to be controlled, and complicated procedures are necessary to prepare for analysis. The Nexis SCD-2030 is equipped with various automated functions to reduce the time and labor required for such procedures.
For example:

  • Auto-startup and -shutdown
    Steps required for system startup such as vacuum pump startup, gas control, temperature control, and conditioning are carried out automatically, simplifying analysis preparations. It is also easy to check the status of the SCD detector or the usage data for consumable parts.
  • Automatic conditioning
    The user can easily set up and run automatic conditioning to support a high-sensitivity analysis, ensuring the best performance. Automatic conditioning can also be run when restarting the device after replacement of the inner pyro-tube.
Through the automation of manual procedures, the Nexis SCD-2030 supports a more efficient workflow, and can reduce the possibility of damage due to human error.


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