Shimadzu GC Driver for OpenLab CDS - Features

Shimadzu GC Driver

Enables Control of the Brevis GC-2050, a System that Offers Uncompromised Analytical Performance in a Small Footprint

  • The compact Brevis GC-2050, with a system width of 350 mm, including the autoinjector (AOCâ„¢-30i), allows for even more efficient use of lab space.
    Compared to the same Nexis GC-2030 configuration, the system width has been reduced by approximately 35 %. Despite its space-saving design, the GC oven design does not require a dedicated column, and general capillary columns can be used. Dual-line analysis is also supported.
  • Brevis GC-2050

Facilitates Easy Daily Maintenance with Support for the Easy sTop Function

  • The GC-2050 is equipped with a function (Easy sTop) that automatically lowers the GC inlet temperature and simplifies liner (consumable) replacement by simply pressing the MAINT. button on the upper right of the GC front panel. It can also be operated from the OpenLab window, helping to ensure a convenient workflow in the lab.

    Note: Operating the Easy sTop function from OpenLab is possible with both the GC-2030 and GC-2050.

  • Facilitates Easy Daily Maintenance

Supports Helium Gas Saving and Hydrogen Carrier Gas Usage

The GC-2030/GC-2050 can be equipped with an optional built-in hydrogen sensor to detect potential leaks early and maintain a safe standby mode. If hydrogen leakage increases, the main power is turned off to prevent accidents.
When the GC-2030/GC-2050 is equipped with the optional gas selector, the carrier gas can be switched using the analysis method or via a OpenLab window operation.
Switching to an alternative carrier gas after sequence analysis is complete minimizes helium consumption.

The hydrogen sensor monitors the inside of the GC oven.
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