Shimadzu GC Driver for OpenLab CDS - Specs

Shimadzu GC Driver

Product Lineup

Description Version Versions with Functionality Verified
Shimadzu GC Driver Single for OpenLab CDS 2.40 OpenLab CDS 2.5 / 2.6 / 2.7
Shimadzu GC Driver Single for OpenLab EZChrom OpenLab EZChrom A.04.10

* The same product is used both for standalone and network versions of OpenLab systems.
* To install the driver in an existing OpenLab system, please provide the version of applicable software and other relevant information in advance.

Controllable Hardware

Nexis GC-2030 and Brevis GC-2050

[GC Unit]
Nexis GC-2030, Brevis GC-2050, GC-2010 Plus, GC-2010, GC-2010 Pro, GC-2014, GC-2014C

AOC-30i autoinjector, AOC-20i (Plus) autoinjector, AOC-20s (U) autosampler, HS-20 (NX)/HS-10 headspace sampler, dual injection system

Sample Injector GC-2030: SPL-2030, WBI-2030, OCI-2030 (NX), PTV-2030, SINJ-2030
GC-2050: SPL-U (1.0)
Detector GC-2030: FID-2030, TCD-2030, ECD-2010 Exceed, FPD-2030, FTD-2030, BID-2030, SCD-2030, PTCD-2030, AD BOARD
GC-2050: FID-U (1.0), FPD-U (1.0), ECD-2010 Exceed U, AD BOARD
Advanced Flow Technology GC-2030: Backflush, detector splitting, detector switching, heart-cut system
Additional Temperature Controller GC-2030: Auxiliary temperature control unit
Additional Flow Controller GC-2030: APC (Aux 3ch), APC (Aux 1ch)
GC-2050: APC (Aux 3ch), APC (Aux 1ch)
Options GC-2030: Gas selector, Low-temperature control solenoid valve set: CRG-2030, External equipment control relay: PRG-2010 Plus, PRG Box
GC-2050: Gas selector, Low-temperature control solenoid valve set: CRG-2030


GC-2010 (Plus/Pro) and GC-2014 (C)

Sample Injector GC-2010 (Plus/Pro) : SPL-2010 (Plus), WBI-2010 (Plus), OCI/PTV-2010 (Plus)
GC-2014 (C) : SPL-2014, WBI-2014, DINJ-2014, SINJ-2014
Detector GC-2010 (Plus/Pro) : FID-2010 (Plus), TCD-2010 (Plus), ECD-2010 Exceed, ECD-2010 (Plus), FPD-2010 (Plus), FTD-2010 (Plus), BID-2010 Plus, AD BOARD
GC-2014 (C) : FID-2014, TCD-2014, ECD-2014, FPD-2014, FTD-2014 (C), AD BOARD
Additional temperature controller Auxiliary temperature control unit
Additional flow controller APC (3 auxiliary channels), AMC (2 auxiliary channels)
Note : AMC is an option for the GC-2014.
Options Low-temperature control solenoid valve set : CRG-2010,
External equipment control relay : PRG-2010 (Plus), PRG Box

* Up to four Shimadzu GC units can be controlled from a single computer or acquisition server (such as an AIC).
* Both the Shimadzu GC driver and Shimadzu LC driver can be installed on the same computer or acquisition server (such as an AIC).
* A Shimadzu GC system and Agilent GC system cannot be connected to the same computer or acquisition server (such as an AIC) at the same time.
  Provide a data acquisition server dedicated for the Shimadzu GC system separately.

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