Shimadzu GC Driver for Chromeleon™ 7 - Specs

Shimadzu GC Driver

Product Lineup

Description Version Versions with Functionality Verified
Shimadzu GC Driver for Chromeleon 7 2.40 Chromeleon 7.2 SR1 - 7.2 SR5 / 7.2.8 / 7.2.9 / 7.2.10 / 7.3 / 7.3.1 / 7.3.2

Note: This product supports Nexis GC-2030 and HS-20 (NX)/HS-10 system control and HS-20 (NX) standalone control.
          GC-2010 (Plus/Pro) and GC-2014 (C) can be controlled using the Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. driver provided with Chromeleon 7.

Controllable Hardware

Nexis GC-2030, Brevis GC-2050

The Shimadzu GC Driver for Chromeleon 7 supports control of the following units.

AOC-30i, AOC-20i (Plus) autoinjector, AOC-20s (U) autosampler, HS-20 (NX)/HS-10 headspace sampler, dual injection system

Unit Device name
Sample Injector GC-2030 : SPL-2030, WBI-2030, OCI-2030 (NX), PTV-2030, SINJ-2030
GC-2050 : SPL-U(1.0)
Detector GC-2030 : FID-2030, TCD-2030, ECD-2010 Exceed, FPD-2030, FTD-2030, BID-2030, SCD-2030, PTCD-2030
GC-2050 : FID-U(1.0), FPD-U(1.0), ECD-2010 Exceed U
Advanced Flow Technology GC-2030 : Backflush, detector splitting, detector switching, heart-cut system
Additional Temperature Controller GC-2030 : Auxiliary temperature control unit
Additional Flow Controller GC-2030 : APC (3 auxiliary channels), APC (1 auxiliary channel)
GC-2050 : APC (3 auxiliary channels), APC (1 auxiliary channel)
Options GC-2030 : Gas selector, Low-temperature control solenoid valve set CRG-2030, External equipment control relay PRG-2010 Plus, PRG Box
GC-2050 : Gas selector, Low-temperature control solenoid valve set CRG-2030


GC-2010 (Plus) and GC-2014

The following unit can be controlled using the Thermo Fisher Scientific driver included with Chromeleon 7.
By using the Shimadzu GC Driver for Chromeleon in conjunction with standalone control of the HS-20 headspace, the system consisting of both the GC and HS-20 (NX) can be controlled.

HS-20 (NX) headspace sampler, AOC-20i (Plus) autoinjector, AOC-20s (U) autosampler

Unit Device name
Sample Injection Port GC-2010 (Plus) : SPL-2010 (Plus), OCI / PTV-2010 (Plus)
GC-2014 : SPL-2014, DINJ-2014
Detector GC-2010 (Plus) : FID-2010 (Plus), TCD-2010 (Plus), ECD-2010 (Plus), FPD-2010 (Plus), FTD-2010 (Plus)
GC-2014 : DFID-2014, SFID-2014, TCD-2014, ECD-2014
Additional Flow Controller GC-2010 (Plus) : APC (3 auxiliary channels)
Low-Temperature Oven Controller GC-2010 (Plus) : CRG-2010 low-temperature control solenoid valve unit

Note: Up to six Shimadzu GC units can be controlled from a single instrument server.
          It is not recommended to connect other vendor instruments to the same instrument server. Please prepare a dedicated server for controlling the Shimadzu GC units.

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