Cell Pocket™ - Specs

Web Application Supporting Cellular Observations

Operating System Ubuntu 22.04LTS
Recommended Browser Google Chrome(Operation with other browsers is not guaranteed)
Supported Image Format png, gif, jpg, bmp, tiff (tiff images will be automatically converted to png images at the time of registration)
Maximum Data Size 100 Mb
Maximum Number of Accounts that can be Registered 20
Maximum Number of Projects that can be Registered 1000
Maximum Number of Experimental Conditions that can be Registered 10000

* 1 This product is a system that operates on a server computer installed in the office. To install Cell Pocket, you need to purchase the specified server computer and software itself.
* 2 Customers can access server computers using their Windows operating personal computers.
* 3 The data registered in Cell Pocket will be stored in the customers' server computers only. Shimadzu cannot access customers' data, and will not use the data without permission.

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