LIGHTNIRS - Features

Portable functional Near-Infrared Spectroscopy System for Research

High scalability for research purposes

Due to the portability of the LIGHTNIRS fNIRS system, it can be carried or worn on the back during measurements, such as for measuring data during exercise or while outdoors.
Furthermore, the small size makes it easy to move and set up, which is suitable for users that want to measure subjects at multiple facilities.
One unit can measure up to 22 channels of data or two units can be connected to measure up to 52 channels of data, for multi-channel broad-area measurements. That means the LIGHTNIRS can be used without being restricted by the measurement environment or measurement regions involved.
Two head holder configurations are available for attaching optical fibers, depending on the regions being measured.

- Expandable Holder

A holder that encompasses the entire head offers good fit and the ability to select the optimal measurement regions based on measurement conditions. Two types are available depending on research objectives.

- Two-Unit Connecting System

By connecting two LIGHTNIRS units, measurement regions can be expanded to a maximum of 52 channels.


Examples of Measurement Region Selection

Higher Measurement Freedom


Due to the small size and light weight, measurements can be taken while carrying the main unit.

Communication Between Computers

Multiple people can be measured at the same time.

Improved Light-Blocking Characteristics

The lightweight material is efficient at blocking light. It is comfortable and easy to set-up on the test subject.

Selectable optical fiber (8 pairs)

Fiber length is selectable from 1m and 2m.

Data Continuity

Data acquired using a Shimadzu FOIRE-3000 or LABNIRS functional near-infrared spectroscopy system can be loaded directly by the data analysis software included with the LIGHTNIRS system for comparison. Consequently, it can take advantage of existing data sets.

High Performance

Triple Wavelength Semiconductor Laser Ensures Stable Measurements

Three wavelengths are used to measure variations in the concentration of oxygenated and deoxygenated hemoglobin, which are used as indicators for brain activity.

Easy Operability Via a Graphical User Interface

An intuitive user interface allows setting advanced measurement and analysis parameters by simply clicking buttons.

[Measurement Mode]

Trend graphs are added for each task or channel, and mapping information is simultaneously integrated during measurements.
■ Real Time Monitoring Process Functions

[Analysis Mode]

Trend graphs are added for each task or channel, and mapping information is simultaneously integrated during measurements.
■ Comprehensive Data Processing Functions 
■ Statistical Analysis Functions
Permits batch processing with predetermined analysis procedures.
■ Batch Processing Functions
General linear model (GLM) statistical processing offers simple statistical analysis and evaluations at the point of measurement. The software provides various data analysis and data processing tools, including independent component analysis (ICA*), frequency filtering, adding tasks, adding channels, as well as centroid and integral values.

* Registered patent: 04379155

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