Kit for Direct Probe Ionization Mass Spectrometer


A triple quadrupole mass spectrometer with a DPiMS-8060 kit installed can acquire trace sample quantities using a probe and analyze component masses in the MS unit. The kit can also be used with an LCMS system, by installing it in an LCMS-8045/8050/8060 system for easy switching between PESI TQ and ESI units. Its ability to quickly detect drugs or metabolites in blood or tissue samples with only extremely simple pretreatment makes it ideal for simple screening applications.

Simple Workflow

Simple Workflow

DPiMS™ Can Be Used in Diverse Fields

Features\Field Chemical products/Synthesis Biological/Food samples

Measuring mixture ratio
of raw materials
Monitoring presence
of impurities

Rapid screening
directly on the
biomaterial sample

changes over time

Real-time tracking of
synthesis reactions

Oxidation reaction
and UV degradation
of supplements

Measures a Wide Variety of Samples

  • Body fluids, such as blood or urine
  • Tissue sections, such as from laboratory animals or foods
  • Plant materials, such as vegetables and fruits

Applicable for a Wide Variety of Objectives

  • Detecting biological components
  • Detecting materials for chemical products
  • Detecting drugs, poisons, etc.


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