LC/MS/MS Method Package for Cell Culture Profiling Ver. 3 - Features

For LabSolutions™ LCMS Software

Capable of Simultaneous Analysis of 144 Compounds in Less than 20 Minutes

Together with existing analytes, including amino acids, vitamins, basal medium compounds, and other metabolites, this method package enables simultaneous analysis of 144 compounds in less than 20 minutes without complex method development.

List of Registered Compounds

List of Registered Compounds

Analysis of Intracellular and Extracellular Metabolites in One Method

Metabolites present in both the cell medium supernatant and within cells can be analyzed using the same optimized chromatography and mass spectrometry conditions.

Sequence of Analysis*1

Sequence of Analysis

Visualization of Changes in Cultivation over Time

This product makes it easy to visualize the time-course changes of up to 144 compounds from culture supernatant and cellular extracts collected at intervals.

Visualization of Changes in Cultivation over Time

Multi-omics Analysis Package Supports Data Analysis

Volcano plots, principal component analysis, hierarchical clustering, and other analyses can easily be performed using the included Multi-omics Analysis Package. In addition, changes in the amount of compound over time can be visualized with a few simple operations, so the process from measurement to data analysis can be implemented seamlessly.

Multi-omics Analysis Package Supports Data Analysis

The data for the volcano plots and visualization of changes over time is from samples provided by the Research & Development Center for Cell Therapy at the Foundation for Biomedical Research and Innovation at Kobe. For details, refer to Application News C209 “Evaluation of Undifferentiated State of Human iPS Cells Using C2MAP™ Cell Culture Media Analysis Platform.”


  • LabSolutions™ LCMS Ver. 5.113 or later is required, and LabSolutions Insight™ Ver. 3.8 SP3 or later is required.
  • This method package is intended for research use. It may not be used for clinical diagnostic applications.


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