Open Solution

Open Access Software for LC and LCMS

Optional Open Access Software for Analytical and Purification

Simple and Intuitive Sample Logging and Data Review

  • After logging in to the [Sample Log-in] window, simply select methods and samples to start analysis.
  • Open-access functionality for sharing instruments among multiple users.
  • Performs automated method switching for multiple users, including column and mobile phase switching, and automatic rinsing of flow lines.
  • LC, PDA and MS instrument status.
Simple and Intuitive Sample Logging and Data Review

Data Browser—Display and Analyze Data

  • Quickly display data by simply clicking on samples in the rack diagram.
  • The data browser can be launched on any networked computer by simply installing software on that computer.
  • Peak integration (adding or deleting peaks) for LC chromatograms can be performed easily.
  • Displays MS and UV spectra for user-specified times.
  • Calculates and displays peak purity based on similarity score of MS spectrum.
Data Browser—Display and Analyze Data



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