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High-Performance Liquid Chromatograph Mass Spectrometer

Future-Proof your Laboratory Against the Next Decade of Transition and Transformation

Future-Proof your Laboratory Against the Next Decade of Transition and Transformation

Currently, our society is amid a revolutionary transition and transformation. Advancement of computing hardware, networking technologies and programming algorithms have all contributed to driving the modernization of legacy systems. Among those that are slower in the process of change could be our own mindset. Look around us, and recognize that our laboratories will largely transform over the next decade; human efforts replaced by automation, sophistication becoming the norm, productivity made measurable and assessed against CO2 emission as well as cost. All these imaginations are the driving force to realize the change.

Shimadzu has over fifty years of history of providing mass spectrometers, spectroscopic analyzers, high-precision balances, and chromatography systems. Underlying this business style is the corporate philosophy to contribute to society through science and technologies. As a first priority, Shimadzu has always been eager to implement the latest technologies to create a new value, such as analytical intelligence.

Containing state-of-the-art detection technologies, data processing algorithms, and the connectivity with other instrument and network systems, the LCMS-2050 is the instrument that can stay on top for the next decade, the decade of transition and transformation.

Whatever you envision will be realized, and the LCMS-2050 will be part of the change.


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