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High-Performance Liquid Chromatograph Mass Spectrometer

LabSolutions LCMS
Total Support from Data Acquisition to Data Analysis

LabSolutions LCMS

The LabSolutions LCMS workstation for the LCMS-2050 controls the LC and MS instruments simultaneously. MS data and data obtained from other LC detectors can be analyzed on the same data review platform. It is also equipped with Analytical Intelligence functions for data analysis to make laboratory operations more efficient. The LC/MS chromatograms and UV/MS spectra can be displayed in a single window, which makes it easy to review data. Mass information can also be annotated on the UV chromatogram.



Automation for Reliability and Efficiency

The workflow for LCMS-2050 and Nexera systems is enhanced by Analytical Intelligence. Automated sequences prepare the system for use and execute data analysis, compensating for differences in the expertise and experience of users, and ensuring data reliability.

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Find Answers Quickly

Enhanced software help menus, with hints and tips organized in an FAQ format provide clear and detailed information, even for those using a mass spectrometer for the first time.



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