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Supporting Micro Flowrate Range Liquid Chromatography Mass Spectrometry System

Shim-pack™ MC C18

Shim-pack™ MC C18


  • Shim-pack MC C18 column with 1.9 μm UHPLC particle achieves excellent separation and peak shape.
  • The high pressure rating of 70 MPa allows these columns to be compatible with a range of mobile phase flow rates from 1 to dozens of μL per minute.
  • The metal coordinative adsorption is suppressed by deactivating the column parts in contact with the solution.
  • Both small and large molecule compounds, such as peptides, can be analyzed.
  • Excellent durability can be achieved even if the biological sample analysis.



Shim-pack Trap Columns

Trap Columns Wide Portfolio

  • Shim-pack MCT C18/C8
    70 MPa pressure limitation and a unique modification on the column inner surface protects against absorption of the molecule.

    Shim-pack MCT series 

  • Shim-pack MCT LC18/LC8
    A small-volume cartridge column with 40 MPa pressure limit. Useful in reducing the gradient delay for a low flow rate.

Shim-pack Trap Columns

Shim-pack MCT series
P/N Bonded Phase Diameter (mm) Length (mm)
228-59938-92 0.5
228-59939-92 0.5
Shim-pack MCT L series (particle size 5 μm)
P/N Bonded Phase Diameter (mm) Length (mm)
Trap column holder for Shim-pack MCT L
227-32702-01 C18 0.3
227-32703-01 C8 0.5

Nexera Mikros: Trap and Elute Configuration

The trap and elute system can be constructed by using a dedicated piping kit (228-71751-42).

Trap and Elute Configuration

LC Columns