MSW2™ Type Udck™ - Features

Microsampling Device

Easy plasma fractionation

Method of use

  • No skill required and little human error

Skilled techniques are required to reduce human error in the collection of small volume of samples,especially plasma. MSW2 enables to collect exact amount 5.6 µL of plasma or serum sample regardless of the skill level of operator.

Method of use

Workflow Comparison

Method of use

No weighing necessary

  • High accuracy measured with a spectrophotometer

To compare the accuracy of MSW2 and pipette, the CV value was calculated from the results obtained by repeatedly measuring the absorbance of 5.6 µL of plasma spiked with the compound using a spectrophotometer. The results show that the accuracy with MSW2 is higher than with the pipette. MSW2 enables to collect small amount of sample without weighing.

High level of safety

  • Easier to handle than glass capillaries due to the application of resin material
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