Quick and Reliable Protein Removal

The newly developed hydrophilic polymer coating technology quickly and reliably removes macromolecules, such as protein, from injected biological samples to achieve high recovery rates for target components. In addition to securely protecting analytical columns and LC/MS interfaces, this also helps reduce the time required for finishing the analysis.

Outstanding Durability

Due to the polymer coating technology and particle size optimization, stable data can be obtained for long periods. The figure below shows results from 300 consecutive injections of 100 µL of blood plasma. No decrease in the deproteinization rate or degradation of peak shape was observed.

Stable Trap Even for Large Injection Volumes

Comparison Data for Injecting 100, 200, and 500 µL

The Shim-pack MAYI-ODS column provides stable component recovery rates and protein removal, even when injecting large volumes. Even when 500 µL of blood plasma was directly injected, a high recovery rate was obtained and no peak distortion was observed.

Conditions for Figure on Right
Sample: Blood plasma spiked with indomethane, Injected Sample Solution: 0.1 % Aqueous phosphate solution/acetonitrile = 95/5, Dilution Factor: 8, Detection: UV 315 nm

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Column Stationary phase Separation Mode
Shim-pack MAYI-ODS(G) Octadecyl group Strongest retentivity in reverse phase mode
Shim-pack MAYI-C14(G) Tetradecyl group Retentivity next to ODS in reverse phase mode
Shim-pack MAYI-C8(G) Octyl group Retentivity next to C14 in reverse phase mode
Shim-pack MAYI-C4(G) Butyl group Retentivity next to C8 in reverse phase mode
Shim-pack MAYI-C1(G) Methyl group Weakest retentivity in reverse phase mode
Shim-pack MAYI-SCX(G) Sulfonic acid group Strong acid cation exchange mode
Shim-pack MAYI-SAX(G) Trimethylammonium group Weakly basic anion exchange mode
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