Biological Sample Pretreatment Column

Due to optimized particle size and a newly developed coating technology, the MAYI-ODS online pretreatment column is highly effective in deproteinization and offers long-term stability. It provides excellent reproducibility even for continuous analysis of multiple analytes.
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How the Shim-pack MAYI-ODS Works

The outer surfaces of silica gel (50 µm) are coated with a hydrophilic polymer, so that only the interior of pores are chemically modified by octadecyl radicals (ODS). Since proteins and other macromolecules cannot enter the pores and are blocked by the hydrophilic polymer on the outer surfaces, they are quickly eluted without being retained by the ODS solid phase. In contrast, pharmaceuticals and other induced low molecular weight compounds penetrate the pores and are retained by the inner surfaces of the stationary phase.


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