Shim-pack Mix-HILIC - Features

Chromatography Column for Hydrophilic Interactions

Simultaneous Monitoring of a Variety of Hydrophilic Metabolic Components

Shim-pack Mix-HILIC uses gradient elution to elute hydrophilic metabolic components such as nucleobases, nucleosides, and amino acids First, and organic acids, coenzymes, and nucleotides after.

Simultaneous Monitoring of a Variety of Hydrophilic Metabolic Components


Applications to Samples of Biological Origin

Shim-pack Mix-HILIC can be applied to the measurement of samples of biological origin.

MRM Chromatogram of Escherichia Coli , MRM Chromatogram of Plasma


Optimal LC System for Metabolome Data Analysis

The HPLC configuration combines the Nexera™ X3, which is equipped with Analytical Intelligence functions, and the LCMS-8060NX, which provides MS detection with both minimization of matrix effects and high sensitivity, thereby increasing operability and durability, and heightening the efficiency of the work flow as a whole. In addition, using LabSolutions Insight™, which dramatically improves data analysis efficiency, and Peakintelligence™, which significantly reduces the difficulty of integrating the detected peaks, can optimize the output of data analysis tasks.

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