AccuSpot - Features

Nano Spotter for MALDI-TOF MS

Key Features of the AccuSpot


Unique sample spotting mode

AccuSpot in action

The "Half-Contact" spotting method (see above) uses plate sensors (patent pending) to ensure accurate spotting and virtually eliminates carryover from spot to spot. Click here to see the AccuSpot in action.

High sample capacity

9 Shimadzu or 18 ABI target plates can be loaded at one time.

Highly flexible sample loadings

The matrix solution can be added at flow rates from 0.1μL/min to 50 μL/min. To accommodate different needs the spotting direction can be either straight row and column or zigzag row and column.

Monitoring Capability

To ensure that the droplet formation and collection is consistent, a CCD camera is used to monitor micro-fractionation.

Spotting Modes

Spotting is carried out in one of two ways: Continuous Mode to collect the entire chromatographic run or Programmable Time Window Mode to collect only the areas of interest in the chromatographic run. Both modes allow spotting intervals from 5 to 60 sec/spot.

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