eMSTAT Solution - Specs

Statistical Analysis Software for Direct Ionization Mass Spectrometry

eMSTAT Solution™

Analysis functions : Univariate analysis

Mann-Whitney U test
ANOVA (analysis of variance)

Analysis functions : Multivariate analysis

PCA (Principal Component Analysis)

Analysis functions : Discriminant analysis

Support Vector Machine(SVM)
Random Forest

Analysis functions : Other

Dynamic grouping

Display functions : Multivariate analysis

Peak Matrix
Box Plot
Score/Loading Plot

Display functions : Discriminant analysis

Discriminant analysis results (group and score)
Unknown samples superimposed on Score Plot

Input-output data : Input

ASCII format peak lists
JCAMP format peak lists
mzML format peak lists (only supports Centroid mode, 1 scan/per file, data uncompressed)
Note: File name must only contain half-width alphanumeric characters.

Input-output data : Output

Peak lists (txt format)
Analysis results (xlsm format)
Graph screenshot

Operating system

Windows® 10 Pro, 64-bit  (English/Chinese)

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