ECU1/ECU2 Series - Features

Energy-Conservation Unit for Servopulser Hydraulic Power Supply Unit

Do you know how much electric power your hydraulic power supply unit consumes?

A conventional hydraulic power supply unit for fatigue and endurance testing machines runs continuously at full power to be able to generate the maximum test force and test speed at any time. As the hydraulic power supply unit is selected to provide the maximum capacity for the expected testing, the power consumption may be excessive under some test conditions.

Installing an Eco Unit can cut power consumption by up to approximately 50 %*!

The Eco Unit reduces the power from the hydraulic power supply unit according to the test conditions and circumstances to save energy.
The hydraulic power supply unit runs at reduced power in standby status.
* For ECU2 in 60 Hz area. (Max. 30 % for ECU1.)

Ecology Simulation

Thsi tool simulates the reduction in running costs, such as power consumption, CO2 emissions using the ECU Series as compared to your servopulser hydraulic power supply unit.
Please click the banner for ecology simulation in your laboratory.

Energy-Saving Operation

Automatic setting of the motor power supply frequency and supply pressure (ECU2 and Windows software)
Automatically performs energy-saving operation according to the test load and in standby status.
* If Windows software is not used, the setting can be made manually with the 4830 servo controller.

  Mortor power supply frequency Supply pressure
Standby 35 Hz 7-9 MPa
Before test Automatic setting according to test conditions
During test The displacement amplitude and test force are periodically checked to automatically set the appropriate rotational speed or supply pressure

Note) When the function to automatically set the motor power supply frequency and supply pressure is used, the test conditions cannot be changed during a test.

* Appearance and specifications are subject to change without notice.

Energy-Saving Effect

* Appearance and specifications are subject to change without notice.

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