HITS-X Series - Options

High-Speed Impact Testing Machines

(Optional) Force Detectors and Applicable Grips

Force Detector and Grip for Flat Plate Samples

Force Detector

Model SHL-10 kN-P
Part number 346-77909-01
Capacity Maximum 10 kN (tensile)

High-Speed Grip for Flat Plate Samples

Model High-speed grip for flat plate samples
Part number 346-77160-02
Capacity Maximum 10 kN (tensile)
Shape of Grip Wedge shape: W 13 mm, H 15 mm, file teeth
Applicable Sample Flat plate: Width max.
13 mm, thickness 0.5 to 3 mm

Load detector and grips for round rods

The grips for small rods can be attached to the force detector.
Note: Please contact us for manufacture of a different shape of specimens and grips.
Note: Different sizes can also be accommodated.

Grips for high-speed testing of round rods

Model Round rod grips for high-speed tensile testing
Part number 346-77184-01
Capacity Maximum 10 kN (tension)
Shape of Grip M12 × 1.5 female threads
Round rod specimens with M12 × 1.5 threaded ends
(threaded length of 20 mm or more)

Optional Accessories Striker, Clamping Plates

Striker (with load detector)


Main striker unit and tip

Model name Striker ø12.7 Striker ø20 Striker ø10
Part No.
for main unit
339-83665-02 339-83665-03 339-83665-01
Part No.
for tip
347-40060-06 347-40062-09 347-41604-00
Capacity (puncture) 10kN 10 kN 10 kN
Striker diameter ø12.7 mm ø20 mm ø10 mm
Related Standards ASTM D 7363 ISO 6603-2 ISO 6603-2

Note: Striker units with other load capacities and shapes are supplied as options.

Clamping Plates

Clamping plates

Part number 346-77213-02 346-77213-01 346-77213-03
Hole diameter ø76 mm ø40 mm ø100 mm
Related Standards ASTM ISO ISO
Applicable specimen size ☐100mm
t = 1 to 3 mm
t = 1 to 3 mm
t = 1 to 3 mm

Examples of striker-clamp combinations for specific standards

Related Standards ISO 6603-2 ISO 6603-2 ASTM D 3763
Striker diameter ø20.0 mm ø10.0 mm ø12.7 mm
Clamping plates ø140 mm ø100 mm ø176 mm
Remarks Standard
For fragile materials
or low fracture strain

Note: Non-standards combinations are supplied as options.


Using an Optional Thermostatic Chamber
Acquire Data for Temperature-Dependent High-Speed Behavior

A thermostatic chamber (-40 to +150 °C) can be used to obtain temperature-dependent data for high-speed behavior.

Layout Diagram (same for HITS-PX and HITS-TX)

Install the main testing machine on the ground floor, on a concrete floor at least 200 mm thick (able to withstand 1500 kg). The machine includes springs and other measures to isolate vibration, but avoid installing the machine in locations prone to transmitting vibrations.