USF-2000A - Specs

Ultrasonic Fatigue Testing System


Test frequency 20 kHz ±500 Hz (recommended test range: 20 kHz ±30 Hz)
Note: The test frequency is determined from the resonance frequency of the sample.
Vibration at horn tip ±10 to ±50 μm
Test stress range Stress given ±10 to ±50 μm displacement of sample
Note: Stress values depend on sample shape and physical property values.
Stress ratio -1
Testable materials Materials that can be resonated at 20 kHz and generate minimal heat during resonance
Example: High-strength steel, duralumin, titanium alloy, aluminum, etc.
Not-testable materials - Materials that cannot resonate at 20 kHz
- Materials for which samples are difficult to attach
- Materials that generate significant heat during resonance at 20 kHz, due to friction
Examples: Resins, ceramics, etc.
Power Requirements 3-phase 200 V: 2 kVA (air compressor) , 1-phase 200V: 3.5 kVA (ultrasonic fatigue testing system) , 1-phase 100V: 1 kVA (computer, displacement logger, air dryer, etc.)
Standard contents USF-2000A Ultrasonic Fatigue Testing System main unit (including table), ultrasonic resonance system, control computer,ultrasonic testing control and measurement software, and cooling unit (air dryer and compressed air lines)
Note: Air compressor for cooling is not included.
Required optional products Air compressor (for regions with 50 Hz or 60 Hz power) 3-phase 200 V: 2 kVA
Displacement measuring system (eddy current displacement gauge with 0.5 μm resolution)
Note: A high-speed data logger or digital oscilloscope is required separately for reading voltages output from the displacement gauge.
Displacement gauge calibrator (CDE-25 C1 high-performance micrometer)

Note: Systems can be selected without an air compressor in cases where the customer will supply the compressed air. A 150 L/m flow rate of compressed air at a minimum 0.2 MPa is required.

Example of Sample Dimensions (given Young's modulus of 206,000 MPa and density of 7.85 g/cm3)

  • Circular Tapered Sample

    Circular tapered specimen

    Test stress range: About 200 to 1000 MPa nominal

  • Notched Sample

    Notched specimen

    Test stress range: About 140 to 700 MPa nominal
    Stress concentration factor: About 1.56

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