High-Precision Extensometers

TRViewX Non-Contact Digital Video Extensometers
Class 0.5

TRViewX high-precision, non-contact extensometers measure elongation by processing images of pecimens captured using a CCD camera. These extensometers enable high-precision, wide-range elongation measurements of an extensive selection of materials, including metallic materials, rubber, plastics, and lumber.

SSG-H One-Touch, Strain Gauge Extensometers
Class 0.5

SSG-H extensometers are used to measure the elongation of metallic materials and hard plastics.
These strain gauge extensometers are attached and removed from specimens by a one-touch operation.
By calibrating the extensometer, it conforms to JIS Class 0.5, ISO Class 0.5, and ASTM Class B standards for higher precision measurement.

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