TCE-N300A - Features

Compact Thermostatic Chamber for Autograph Precision Universal Testing Machines

The temperature can be set using special software

The temperature can be set, and the temperature data from the thermostatic chamber can be recorded, using TRAPEZIUMX-V software.

Software Window

Software Window

Wide temperature control range

With liquid nitrogen gas spray control, the low-temperature region can be controlled down to -70 ℃!
The high-temperature region can be controlled up to 300 ℃!

Reaches set temperatures faster!

Approximately 25 minutes to increase to 300 ℃
Approximately 25 minutes to decrease to -70 ℃

Note: Check the specifications regarding the conditions required for the above-mentioned times.

Measure elongation using a video extensometer

Elongation can be measured in the range of 50 to 200 ℃ by adding optional video extensometer capability.


Thermostatic chamber positioning is easy

A new stand with rails has been added to the lineup, enabling easy positioning of the thermostatic chamber in the testing space. In addition, an optional TCE positioning device for stands with casters has been added.

TCE Positioning Device

TCE Positioning Device

  • In Combination with the Stand with Casters

    In Combination with the Stand with Casters

  • In Combination with the Stand with Rails

    In Combination with the Stand with Rails

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