• The compact size fits easily on tables.
  • Lower table height (20% lower) and larger work space
  • This makes it easier to exchange jigs and samples and to perform a wide variety of operations.


  • EZ Test uses a high-precision load cell that guarantees accuracy to within ±0.5% of the indicted value over a wide range from 1/500 to 1/1 of the load cell capacity.
  • Tests can be performed at up to maximum load capacity levels across the entire test speed range from 0.001 to 2000 mm/min (HS model).
  • Maximum test speed: 2000mm/min, Return speed: 3000mm/min (HS model)
    The high return speed significantly reduces the wait time between tests, even for those with long displacements.
  • EZ Test can measure 1000 data per sec, enabling accurate detection of peak force.


  • Enhanced usability by the adjustable controller
    This allows for adjusting the control panel position and angle to match the posture of the operator.
  • Visual, user-friendly TRAPEZIUMX software
    4 software platforms - Single, Cycle, Control, and Texture - enable various types of evaluation.
  • Power-saving function reduces power consumption by over 55% compared to previous models.
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