EDXIR-Holder - Specs

Sample Holder/Stocker for Contaminant Measurement


Suitable Instruments

Shimadzu EDX Series, Shimadzu FTIR Series (with single reflection type ATR)

Suitable Substances

Resin piece, metal piece

Part to Attach Samples

Polypropylene film 25 μm thick and adhesive layer 10 μm thick

EDX Beam Window

Polypropylene film 5 μm thick

Dimensions of Suitable Samples

Max. 5 mm square, min. 1.5 mm square

Thickness of Suitable Samples

Recommended value when performing EDX measurement:
Min. 0.5 mm, max. 1.5 mm (sample surface with no protrusions)
Recommended value when performing FTIR measurement:
Min. 0.1 mm, max. 4 mm (sample surface with no protrusions)

Mass of Suitable Samples

Max. 1 g

1 Set

25 sheets

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