Sample Holder/Stocker for Contaminant Measurement


Measure the Samples Kept in the Holder with EDX and FTIR The Holder Can Be Used as the Sample Stocker after the Measurement


  • Enables More Efficient Analyses
    This foldable holder consists of adhesive layer with samples attached and polypropylene film designed for fluorescence X-ray. When using EDX for measurement, close the holder and place the polypropylene film directly to the irradiation side (downside). When using FTIR for measurement, open the holder and press the samples attached to the adhesive layer against the ATR prism. This enables the replacement of samples, at a minimum, saving on labor and making analysis more efficient..

  • Prevents Loss of Samples
    Close the holder after the measurement and it can be used as a sample stocker. It is not necessary to transfer the samples to other containers, so there is no danger of losing samples.


How to Use with EDX

Close the holder and place the polypropylene film to the irradiation side (downside).

When the Holder is Open
(Inside of the Holder)

How to Use with FTIR

Open the holder and press the samples attached to the adhesive layer against the prism.

EDX-FTIR Contaminant Finder/Material Inspector EDXIR-Analysis

Provides Strong Support for Contaminant Identification Analysis


High-accuracy identification analysis can be performed automatically by measuring one sample with EDX and FTIR, and then analyzing both data sets with EDXIR-Analysis.

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