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Analysis Example with Plastic Analyzer

Evaluation of Deteriorated Samples

  • Evaluation of Deteriorated Samples

    Plastics degrade as they experience molecular cleavage and cross-linking due to heat and light. As a result, in fault analysis and failure analysis, the qualities of deteriorated samples must be analyzed.
    The above left figure shows the infrared spectrum of a polypropylene (PP) sample that has been irradiated with UV rays. The UV irradiation has caused the plastic to deteriorate, and it is evident that the shape of the infrared spectrum has changed.
    The top right figure shows the search results from measurements by Plastic Analyzer of a white plastic (PP material) that was left outdoors for an extended period and exposed to UV rays.
    The infrared spectrum of the sample exposed to UV rays differs from the standard spectrum. Accordingly, in general library searches, different plastics such as polybutene are at the top of the results. In contrast, with Plastic Analyzer, PP denatured by UV rays is the top result.

  • Evaluation of Deteriorated Samples

Contaminant Analysis (Contaminants in Processed Items)

  • Contaminant Analysis (Contaminants in Processed Items)
  • Contaminant Analysis (Contaminants in Processed Items)

The measurement of a light brown semi-transparent contaminant on a plated item was performed. The figure above shows that the spectral pattern of the acquired infrared spectrum differs from the standard polyethylene (PE).
Plastic Analyzer shows the best match is heated PE. The Thermal-Damaged Library makes it useful for surmising the thermal history of the plastic.

Analysis Example with EDXIR-Analysis software for integrated EDX-FTIR data analysis

Flow of analysis using EDXIR-Analysis software for integrated EDX-FTIR data analysis

Both EDX and FTIR models can be controlled with a single computer. The efficiency of time-consuming contaminant analysis can be improved by installing EDXIR-Analysis, an integrated EDX/FTIR analysis program, on the computer.

Acquisition and Analysis of EDX and FTIR Data from a Single Computer