Space-Saving, Expandable

  • Great for Small Lab Spaces

    There is a growing need for systems that can fit in tight spaces, like glove boxes and multiuse facilities, and the IRSpirit-X is perfect for those situations. Even in narrow spaces, samples can be measured with the unit positioned vertically (see images below). The start button is accessible, and the humidity indicator is visible from both directions.
    In addition, the ATR crystal and FTIR main unit are the same height. Therefore, samples can be placed directly on the ATR accessory, which is integrated with the sample compartment, which can eliminate the trouble of having to cut large samples.

  • Even Fits in Small Spaces
  • Standard-Sized Sample Compartment in a Compact Bench

    In spite of a body size smaller than a piece of A3 paper, the sample compartment width is the same as on higher-end models. This makes it compatible with many Shimadzu and 3rd party accessories, allowing it to be used for a wide variety of applications.

  • Standard-Sized Sample Compartment in a Compact Bench
Standard-Sized Sample Compartment in a Compact Bench


FTIR Made Easier

IR Pilot

IR PilotIR Pilot

IR Pilot offers a total of 23 application programs as standard, making it easy for operators with minimal FTIR experience to analyze samples by simply selecting the analysis purpose and accessory. There is no need to set parameters. Once a workflow has been determined, it can be recorded, which means that for analyses with the same procedures, the sequence from measurement to data analysis and printing can be performed with a few clicks.

*Quantitative analysis function cannot be used when using IR Pilot with LabSolutions DB/CS.

  • *Although IRSpirit is displayed, the operating procedures are the same as IRSpirit-X.

  • *Although IRSpirit is displayed, the operating procedures are the same as IRSpirit-X.

  • Spectrum Advisor Function (patent pending)

    Corrective measures are proposed by comparing the measured spectrum to optimal spectrum examples. Troubleshooting advice is provided on scan parameters, accessories, and post-processing data. As a result, better quality data can be acquired.

  • Spectrum Advisor Function (patent pending)
  • Contaminant Analysis Program

    The contaminant analysis program identi es measured contaminants using Shimadzu's proprietary identi cation algorithm (Japanese Patent No. 5205918) in combination with a spectral library containing more than 550 spectra for substances commonly detected as contaminants. After data analysis, it automatically makes a pass/fail judgment and creates a report. Even if the contaminant is a mixture, it searches for major and minor components and displays their ranks. Since the number of components in the mixture does not need to be speci ed, even operators with minimal infrared analysis experience can easily analyze samples. It takes just seconds between selecting the spectrum and displaying the analysis results.

  • Contaminant Analysis Program
  • Identification Test Program

    The identi cation test program calculates the difference in peak wavenumbers and peak ratio intensities between standard and test sample data, and then summarizes the pass/fail judgment results in a printed report. This program can be used if the standard is described in the national pharmacopoeia or of cial law. Spectra of 57 substances included in Japan's Speci cations and Standards for Food Additives are also included in this program.

  • Identification Test Program

Reliability to Deploy with Confidence

Technology Inherited from Higher-End Models

  • High stability and throughput

    (Features dynamic alignment at 5000 times per second and a high-brightness ceramic light source)

    High sensitivity comparable to

    standard models (IRSpirit-TX)
    (DLATGS detector with temperature control function)

  • dynamic alignment

ATR Spectra of Silicone Oil Content in Paraffin Oil (measurement repeated five times)

The silicone oil content in the paraffin oil (1.0%) was obtained by repeating a single-reflection ATR method five times. Data obtained using the DLATGS detector with temperature control is shown on the left and data obtained using the DLATGS detector without temperature control is shown on the right. The internal heat in the instrument and the environment temperature caused large baseline data fluctuations without temperature control. In contrast, using the detector with temperature control resulted in highly repeatable data.

ATR Spectra of Silicone Oil Content in Paraffin Oil (measurement repeated five times)

Reliable Parts Come with a 10-Year Warranty*1

  • high brightness ceramic light source
  • 10YEARS

    *1  A 10-Year Warranty does not cover consumables, accessories other than the FTIR main unit, PCs and peripherals, instruction manuals, jigs, and labor charges for the second and subsequent years. Consumables include windows and optional dehumidifiers.

High Durability Due to Humidity-Resistant Design

Aluminum Die Cast Interferometer Housing

Aluminum Die Cast Interferometer Housing

The robust optics are designed to ensure the system can be used reliably even under harsh temperature and humidity conditions.

  • KBr beam splitter includes a humidity-resistant coating (IRSpirit-TX/LX), or ZnSe beam splitter (IRSpirit-ZX)*2
  • Optics sealed in an aluminum die cast housing
  • Status monitor function features electrical and paper-based indicators.
  • Select from a KBr window (to 70% RH) or a KRS-5 window (to 90% RH); both include a humidity-resistant coating.*3, *4
  • Optional electric dehumidifier can be installed.*5

*2 The measurement wavenumber range will be 6,000 to 550 cm-1 with the IRSpirit-ZX, which is equipped with a ZnSe beam splitter.
*3 No condensation.
*4 The KRS-5 window plate is used with the IRSpirit-ZX.
*5 Not required with the IRSpirit-ZX.

The Principle of a Dehumidifier

The Principle of a Dehumidifier

Window KBr KR5-5
Humidity Resistance With humidity-resistant coating 
Max. humidity at installation site: 70 %RH 
(with no condensation)
Max. humidity at installation site: 90 %RH 
(provided no condensation at temperatures up to 30 °C)
Wavenumber Range 350 to 7,800 cm-1
Transmittance About 90 %T About 70 %T
Characteristics ・High transmittance and high sensitivity
・Could deliquesce in humid environments
Compared to KBr window:
・Higher humidity-resistance
・Lower S/N due to lower transmittance
IRSpirit-X series power consumption during Startup (with Start Switch ON) and during Standby (with Start Switch OFF and Dehumidifier ON)

IRSpirit-X series power consumption during Startup (with Start Switch ON) and during Standby (with Start Switch OFF and Dehumidifier ON)

Internal Dehumidifier (Optional) Ensures Robustness

This dehumidifier removes moisture from inside the interferometer electrolytically using a solid polymer electrolytic membrane. It maintains low humidity levels inside the interferometer without leaving the light source ON. Using the dehumidifier alone can reduce power consumption by about 90 % compared to leaving the light source illuminated. Note that a dehumidifier is not required as the ZnSe beam splitter adopted for the IRSpirit-ZX features high resistance to humidity.

Instrument Status Monitoring

Instrument status is automatically verified during start-up and results are saved in a report. This feature is especially convenient for instrument management. Pharmacopoeia-compliant validation programs convenient for routine inspections are also included.

Self-diagnostic function

A self-diagnostic function inspects the signal system and optics during instrument initialization. It obtains a variety of information and automatically outputs the results in one file, making instrument management easy. The instrument status history can also be confirmed.

Self-diagnostic function

Status monitor function

This function continuously monitors and manages information about the light source, semiconductor laser, humidity inside the instrument, the window plate connection (interlock), and accessories.

Simple Operation, Confident Results

LabSolutions IR automates routine work, such as scanning, data manipulation, reporting, identication tests, and contaminants analysis. Launch programs from the Launcher or your PC.

  • Easy Macro – Just a Single Click Launches Routine Work

    • Initialization of FTIR, configuration of scan parameters, spectrum measurement
    • Data manipulations, search, quantitation, printing
    • Repeat measurements, displaying messages, alarm sounds, external program execution
  • Simple Operation, Confident Results

The "Easy Macro" function will create macros that are suitable for routine work, particularly when repetitive operations are used. The macro builder allows macros to be constructed by simply selecting and aligning operations from a list. Once constructed, the macros can be registered with the Launcher and Desktop for quick execution. Operators who are not familiar with FTIR can easily operate the instrument.

Acquisition and Analysis of EDX and FTIR Data from a Single Computer

Both EDX and FTIR models can be controlled with a single computer. The efficiency of time-consuming contaminant analysis can be improved by installing EDXIR-Analysis, an integrated EDX/FTIR analysis program, on the computer.

  • Integrated Data Analysis for Contaminants

    • To perform qualitative analysis automatically, simply click "Analyze Both Data" and select the EDX/FTIR data.*6
    • This enhances the efficiency of time-consuming analyses that were traditionally left to the analyst, and provides strong support for contaminant analysis.
    • In addition to a list of hits, the integrated data analysis results show EDX profiles and FTIR spectra found as hits from the library.

    Data Comparisons for Identification Tests

    • A Data Comparison function calculates the degree of matching between the actual measured data and the data registered in the library.
    • The software can be used for countermeasures against "silent change" and for other confirmation tests.
    • Clicking the "Print" button prints the results in a fixed format and also saves them in Word format.*7

    *6 Using the EDX profile, data are classified as organic, inorganic, and mixture. Integrated data analysis is performed by applying priority levels to each classification (Patent No. 06638537).
    *7 Microsoft® Word must be installed.

  • Acquisition and Analysis of EDX and FTIR Data from a Single Computer
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