Film Holder

Film Holder

The transmittance of thin samples such as film with little scattering can be measured by combining the film holder with the standard sample compartment. The transmittance of thick samples that cause scattering can also be measured by using an integrating sphere.

  • For UVmini,UV-1280/1800/1900 series/2600 series/2700 series/3600/3600Plus series, SolidSpec series

* When used on the UVmini series, the sample compartment unit is required.
* When used on the SolidSpec-3700, the direct detection unit is required.

Transmittance Measurement Using the Integrating Sphere Method

Cell Type Sample Holder

Holds 9 to 10 mm square samples and can be placed in a regular cell holder for measurements.

Glass/Film Holder for Standard Sample Compartment

Precisely holds 15 mm square glass samples for measurements. A polarizer can also be held at the same time, so that polarized light from samples can be measured. It can also hold 30 to 50 mm square samples.

Cylindrical Sample Holder

Holds round glass samples for measurements using an integrating sphere. It can be used with MPC series or SolidSpec models.

5 to 25 mm dia.
30 to 50 mm dia.
40 to 110 mm dia.

Transmittance Measurement Using the Integrating Sphere Method


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