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(Volume Graphics GmbH)

This 3D image processing software performs coordinate measurements using voxel data obtained with CT scans. The package is specially designed for use of the coordinate measurement function, and can perform measurements not only with
voxel data, but with collections of points, meshes, and CAD data.
Being specially designed for coordinate measurements, it is easier to use than general-purpose 3D image processing software.

VGStudioMAX + Coordinate Measurement Module

(Volume Graphics GmbH)

This software uses volume rendering to display 3D images from voxel data obtained using CT imaging.
Adding the coordinate measurement module enables coordinate measurements in the same way as with VGMetrology.
In addition to coordinate measurements, there are functions for a variety of analyses (including length).

Metal Artifact Reduction Software

The Metal Artifact Reduction Software is a reconstruction software program used to reduce metal artifacts in the cross-sectional images acquired using Shimadzu’s dimensional X-ray CT system, XDimensus 300. This software allows for easier and more accurate analyses in cross-sectional images.

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