Aggregates Sizer - Configuration

Aggregation Analysis System for Biopharmaceuticals

System Configuration

The system configuration can be optimized to address various uses, purposes, measurement objects, environments and conditions

Nano Particle Size Analyzer

  • Violet semiconductor laser (wavelength: 405 nm) is used for the semi-permanent light source. Maintenance, such as gas replacement, is unnecessary.
  • The detector incorporates 78 elements at the front, one element at the side, and 5 elements at the back, for a total of 84 elements. Additionally, high-sensitivity light receptors that support Violet semiconductor laser wavelengths are adopted with all detectors.
  • The fixed parts of the cell and cell holder can be pulled out at the front of the unit using a slide mechanism, as shown in the photo on the left. This makes it easy to mount and replace cells, and to perform maintenance.
  • WingSALD bio standard software is supplied as standard. It offers versatile data processing and simple, high-speed operation to suit every purpose and processing requirement.

External Dimensions (units: mm)

Measurement of 0.125 mL samples is possible
Micro Cell

  • Measurement is possible with small amounts of sample.
  • The micro cells, made of quartz glass, can be cleaned with chemical agents as well as ultrasonic cleaning.

Optimal for evaluating the tendency to aggregate due to stirring stress
Batch Cell

  • The tendency to aggregate can be evaluated by accelerating aggregation through application of mechanical stimulation using the vertical motion of the stirring plate.
  • Three stirring plate materials are provided, so that the tendency to aggregate due to differences in wetted materials can be evaluated. (Stainless steel, glass, and polyether ether ketone (PEEK))
  • With the funnel, sample handling is easy, with minimal concerns about sample spillage.